Hi! Hello! Welcome to my first (ever!) self-made website!

I am still figuring out how to do stuff, and whatever websites I made in high-school in our local net never truly worked, but I hope now that I am older I will be able to create something that will truly represent me! :)

I plan to post stuff about my favorite movies/videogames here, just some personal thoughts and ramblings. A personal blog.

And yes, as probably a lot of people on this site, I like Hypnospace Outlaw and recently started looking through some Geocities archives as a fun "treasure hunt" sort of hobby. It's very nice to see those old pages! They look more human than most stuff on Web 2.0 anyway...

I will keep the link below for myself for now! Never figured out how in the world CSS works...

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

This is how I look like when viewed in a dream-like state :D (click and drag to take me on a stroll across my page!)

Also check out this song my good friend lord of imagination and child-like wonder has made! :)